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To all those moms who knows too well how tough it can be with the kids and finds it hard to get time out for yourself and stuck in a rut- Kierans classes are perfect!! Not only are you getting exercise but your also getting fresh air too which automatically boosts your system for going […]


I couldn’t recommend Aspire or the seaside sessions more. A very welcoming and fun but very effective class. I wasn’t fit at the start and I still have a way to go but the atmosphere and energy makes me want to go back again and again.


When I started with Kieran, I was nervous to say the least, as I’m usually a very shy and self-conscious person. I thought everyone going to the sessions would judge me but I was certainly proven wrong. I’m proud to say I’ve made amazing friends and even prouder to say I am part of a […]

Ann Marie

I attended the Seaside Sessions circuit training with Kieran O’Driscoll during the Summer months and the benefits were instant and enormous.  The sessions were well planned and varied, and Kieran is so helpful and knowledgeable and always on hand to make sure you are doing each exercise correctly.  The music, the workout variety and Kierans’ […]


The pounds were piling on during lockdown and I was left feeling depleted and unmotivated. When Kieran contacted me at the beginning of his journey, I was more than delighted to jump onboard and join him. I can only say how thankful and grateful I am that I decided to take the plunge and get […]


Seaside sessions changed my mindset towards working out. Kieran created an inclusive community where everyone was welcome. While the classes tested our limits, Kieran always ensured there was a fun element to each class. An environment was fostered where encouragement and teamwork were very much to the fore. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier and […]


Seaside sessions have introduced me into the world of fitness and helped me steadily lose weight while getting fit and having fun doing it. Along this journey I have made friends with amazing people all at different levels of fitness and we all have encouraged each other all the way.


Training with Kieran has been a real game changer for me. He is a great personal trainer with great skill and knowledge of his profession. He continually delivers his training sessions in a happy, relaxed and safe environment, making them a pleasure to attend. He is very attentive, motivating all to improve their mental and […]